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Venture capital investments

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Welcome to the Pride Invest - the world of investment decisions and profitable projects.

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Success without borders

Only the best investment offers for our depositors

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Increase yours capital with a team of experienced professionals.
Days work

Profitability 3% / every 24 hours

The minimum deposit amount: 10 USD

The maximum deposit amount : 10000 USD

The investment period: lifetime

Partner program: 10% - 3% - 1%

Patner program for representatives: 20%-5%-2%

Why choose us?
Absolute success

All cooperation is based on honesty and trust between the two sides, so it is very important to keep these two important qualities for us, we try to do the maximum for you.


Reliable data protection from DDOS-attacks, continuous monitoring of security systems and full encryption of user data, can achieve maximum reliability.


The professionalism of our staff and tested in practice, and the experience obtained over the years are the key to our company's success.


A unique system of search, analysis and selection of proposals for further development and investment.

The maximum percentage

Simultaneous participation in a large number of different projects, gives us the opportunity to diversify investments, thereby maximizing the chances of profit on the whole project, and protecting the investment portfolios of each party.

We consider only the most promising projects. First of all, experts department is responsible for the selection of start-ups must make sure whether the startup project is profitable and whether it can be implemented in practice by those who offer it. Beyond that the project continues to go more in-depth analysis. As a result, only those selected startups that meet all the requirements and in the future will bring the expected profit percentage.

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